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The Crockett Foundation’s Bridge Builders program is a new and innovative technology-intensive program designed to help prevent obesity among middle-school students with physical activities like running, walking, and jumping. Using the CATCH Kids Club curriculum (an after-school program for improving student nutrition and physical activity), Bridge Builders has four main objectives:

  • Involve students in at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity
  • Engage students in moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) for at least 40% of daily physical activity time
  • Provide students with multiple opportunities to participate and practice skills in physical activities that could be carried over into other times of the day and maintained later in life
  • Offer students a variety of physical activities that use lower- and upper-body muscles

Participants in Bridge Builders use program-specific apps and educational games to engage in activities that get their bodies moving.

The Crockett Foundation has donated more than 150 tablets to the program. Bridge Builders is funded by United Way of Broward County and includes tutoring, health, and mentoring. Currently, activities take place at Margate Middle School.

The Crockett Foundation strongly believes that keeping students mentally and physically active prevents obesity, while discouraging problematic, delinquent and risky behavior.


Bridge Builders is Funded by
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The mission of the Crockett Foundation is to help build character, develop leaders, and improve communities – one child at a time.