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Coding in Academics (CIA) teaches students web and app programming, while exposing participants to real-world college campus life experiences. CIA students learn how to build websites and some even develop smartphone apps. Program graduates become certified in JavaScript and Microsoft.

The Crockett Foundation’s Coding in Academics program is a key conduit to show our community’s students potential future opportunities, increase their motivation to pursue post-secondary education and training, and prompt them to start setting early goals for their future.

For its launch, the Foundation partnered with Deerfield Beach Middle School, where it serves 30 students, providing them with coding classes. Lessons take place at Broward College Central Campus, in its state-of-the-art computer lab.

The course is taught and monitored by a team consisting of an education specialist, a certified middle school teacher and a coding professor from Broward College. Upon completion, students receive their JavaScript and Microsoft certification.

The impact of the Crockett Foundation’s CIA program is palpable. In 2016, students built video games, programmed websites, built robots, and used 3D-modeling to design homes and buildings.

Beyond the actual programming skills developed through CIA, students also learn critical decision-making competencies that may play a role later in their professional and personal lives.


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The mission of the Crockett Foundation is to help build character, develop leaders, and improve communities – one child at a time.