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The Crockett Foundation has partnered with Comcast for implementing their Digital Connectors program. Digital Connectors is a year-long course in which students receive digital literacy training to achieve certification as Cisco IT specialists.

This career-focused course provides specialized education between September and May where students attend an exciting (and in-demand) technology class designed to help them advance their education while working toward graduation.

Students who successfully complete the program receive a laptop from Comcast for their efforts and dedication.

After program completion, students put into practice their new technical expertise by volunteering in their local community. Because they know how to network computer labs, connect wireless access points, design computer training modules and create social media projects; Digital Connectors program graduates can make a difference at community-based organizations, senior centers, churches, and even their own homes.

The mission of the Crockett Foundation is to help build character, develop leaders, and improve communities – one child at a time.