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Not all children dealing with high-risk circumstances, like low-income parents or living in a high-crime area, automatically under-perform. Much to the contrary, some students experience daily adversity and yet they manage to excel in school.

The Crockett Foundation’s Youth Force program was specifically designed for these students.

In partnership with the Children’s Services Council of Broward County, Youth Force provides participating Margate Middle School students with the opportunity to take part in activities that normally wouldn’t be easily-accessible to them.

Whether it is playing a round of golf or getting a private tour of a museum, Youth Force rewards students who face daily difficulties and achieve outstanding grades. The program’s main goal is to improve their self-esteem, increase their access to community resources, and expose them to positive life-experiences.

The Crockett Foundation is focused on improving the lives of all children. Including those who will not let their circumstances get in the way of a sound education.


Youth Force is Funded by
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The mission of the Crockett Foundation is to help build character, develop leaders, and improve communities – one child at a time.